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Over the last 30 years of praying for people for physical and emotional healing, I have prayed numerous prayers that in my estimation provided little in the way of relief. But the last 6,000 folks or so that I have prayed for using the prayer contained in this book have experienced both profound and permanent results. It works just as well when prayed over groups as it does over individuals, and it even works from a CD when played over folks who don’t even speak English.

This is the Workbook which works is created to go with the 3rd Edition of the book of the same name. It does not include every item in the Trauma Prayer that is covered in the book because those items are self explanatory and are easy work through. Do not rush through this book by entering your off the top of your head response. Stop and process each question completely, what you think about it, what you feel about it and what about this question touches your pain.

​The new elements of this prayer that have been added in the last five or six years have been very effective in helping people regain the fullness of life that was robbed from them through the trauma they have experienced.

If you are trying to understand what walking in the supernatural is about as a Christian, I have provided some insight for you. It is obviously not an exhaustive description but this book will give you some concrete ideas.

An overview of the Redemptive Gifts and how they relate to the days of Creation and how they relate to design.

Identifying and entering your created purpose is perhaps the most important and potentially exercises you can engage. In God’s eyes there is no difference between a sacred and a secular vocation if you were created for it, and there is nothing quite so life giving or rewarding as doing what you love to do and getting paid to do it.

If you haven’t yet found that sweet spot of life purpose, or you are just starting that journey of exploration, this book is for you. It contains some very practical key exercises that will help you identify what you were born to do, along with some very hard-earned advice on pitfalls to avoid in the discovery process.

Ever wondered what you are called to accomplish in the Kingdom of God as a couple? Or pondered what you and your potential (future) spouse might do together in the Kingdom? The enemy is very much afraid that you might discover that there is something specific God has prepared for you to be engaged in and launched plans decades ago, if not generations ago, in an attempt to keep you confused about what it might be. What I want to do through what you are about to engage in is launch you on a journey into an investigation into what God has prepared for the two of you. Along the way I will pose some questions for you to ponder which may help you (or the two of you) to discover, or recover, what God has in store for you.

When performing isn’t enough, perfectionism is the answer … or so says the system of the world. Need to get out of the MATRIX and start living life without the treadmill? Ready to be able to give your heart to someone or something, without reservation sans the fear of the consequences of failure? Then this book is definitely for you. It explains the reasons we adopt it, the maladies of it and provides a prescription to end its tyranny in your life. Packed with insight into the spiritual consequences of perfectionism if will finally draw a detailed picture for you of what’s been wrong all these years and how to fix it.

Have you ever wondered why, despite all the right things you do, things don’t seem to work out? Does your financial bucket seem to have a hole it. Does something always happen that consumes any excess? Are your personal relationships less than intimate? The real culprit could be a platoon of demonic entities unleashed upon by Jezebel as a part of its strategy of war against you. This book will detail a very simple and practical plan for neutralizing the attack and re-establishing yourself and your family back under the free flow of God’s grace that changes everything.

If you are interested in rescuing and ministering to the victims of sex trafficking this book will be a major benefit to your understanding of the spiritual issues victims face and how to meet each of them.

This book is a look at some possibilities of what transpired in the Garden. It examines some relational issues between God and Adam and Eve and how that might have changed. It looks at the change in communication between them. The book also looks at what may have happened to the human spirit at the fall of man.

Fear is epidemic in our culture, wrecking lives and sucking 2.4 Billion dollars out of our economy each year through the pharmaceutical industry, and yet for some reason we choose to live with it thinking we have no other choice. We know its fruit is anxiety, worry, panic attacks, nervousness and mental anguish, which leads to on a frustrating journey to control our circumstances. There is a way to live without it and you have a choice to do so. This book gives you solid Biblically-based information about its source and what you can do about it in your own life, so that you can not only live free, but enjoy the life God provided for you and your family. This book has touched a great place of need and is selling briskly.

Have you ever considered the impact in your life of the broken boundaries, the violated borders, the things that you were introduced to out of time and out of season in your personal development?  When God created you He had a perfect time line for various things to be introduced to you, such as relationships with the opposite sex, as well as sex itself, among other things. But the enemy had other plans for you. Some of your boundaries were violated by others by way of abuse, violence, pornography, alcohol, drugs, rape, etc.  Others were violated when we chose to cross them ourselves in an effort to medicate our pain, loneliness, lack of love and appreciation. All these broken and violated boundaries had an impact on our development, introduced the detours we took in life and in many cases they set up roadblocks to our progress. In the Book of Revelations God declares, “I am the God who makes all things new.”  and He’s still in that business today. This book will help you get that done.

Just Thinking is a collection of blog posts that I wrote covering a wide range of subjects of interest to me personally and professionally; healing, restoration, breaking creative barriers & blockages, dealing with fear, troubled relationships, marital communication, and the like. As one who works with people’s difficulties on a daily basis, whether is it recovery of identity following abuse, trauma or childhood wounding, or trying to sort out marital communication issues, I have come to find that information shared in these topical articles are applicable to the vast majority of the populous. I also meet with a number of 20-somethings here locally when we are not traveling to train or do member care for missionary organizations. For whatever reason, their parents failed to help them grow up in some vital areas and they need input from an adult who has been around the block a few times to help them see things from another perspective so they can make a better decision. Although these specific things don’t constitute a large portion of this offering, it is this sort of information that I share in this book. Just trying to help people see things differently.
This is a short review of the lives of three men who members of the same family; a grandfather (Abijah), a father (Asa) and a grandson (Jehoshaphat); all of whom were Kings of Judah, the Southern Kingdom of Israel. In fact they each ruled over Judah in succession. Each enhanced the spiritual and secular fortunes of Judah while they reigned and received the accolades of the writers of Jewish history as recorded in 2 Chronicles Chapters 13 through 19 of the Bible. And yet in spite of all they accomplished, their last years stand in stark contrast to all of their former years. In short, none of them, except the grandfather, finished well at all. As humans we each are endowed with an inner drive to do well, to make our lives count, to become men and women of renown, to somehow make the world the world a better place for our having trod its surface and lived among its numerous inhabitants. We want to leave a mark; to be remembered, preferably for something grand, glorious and greater than ourselves; whether it’s a problem solved, an invention, a book or a play, a captivating painting or sculpture, a moving song composed or sung, an empire built or a reputation gained, we want those attending our funeral to be inspired by our creativity, our perseverance, our dedication, our ingenuity, as well as our character; something that our individual contribution testifies to our awesomeness long after we are gone. How we go about making that mark goes a long way toward establishing what will be said of us. Many will be remembered for actions related to a specific event, while the vast majority will make their mark as result of the reputation they acquired through a multitude of decisions and actions taken over an entire life time. Others will make their mark through decades of selfless devotion to the betterment of others, and whose memory is firmly etched in the lives of those they may have only touched once, but touched deeply. How do we ensure that that our last days do not wipe out the memory of all the good we have accomplished in our previous days. What can we do now to ensure that our private lives match our public persona. This book looks at some of those habit patterns that will help establish one that fully supports the other.
This book covers a 30+-year-old tool that has somehow been lost to modern ministers. It covers the first nine months of life in which our human spirit makes decisions in response to our mother’s deep emotions. Those decisions can detrimentally affect people for the remainder of their lives and can be reversed if engaged properly. This tool does exactly that.
Descriptions of a proven prayer to deal with numerous effects of PTSD, specifically written to deal with the effects of PTSD suffered by combat soldiers. Efforts to deal with PTSD without regard for the spiritual aspects of PTSD insure a much longer and more arduous recovery period. More than 400,000 trauma sufferers have downloaded another non-combat vet audio version of this prayer over the last couple of years and over 15,000 go to sleep to it every night.
The journey of this book actually began in the Garden. In the book Which Tree the stage was set for the loss of transparency relationally and with God. This book builds on that lost transparency and what it would be like to be able to live with a transparent heart before men and God. To be absolutely, totally, and lovingly received for who we are in the freedom we were created to live in.
Because an individual’s responses to life’s traumas, rejections, abandonments, wounds, abuses, etc., are so different and can’t anticipated with a canned approach. So our response to the question of, “What can I expect in a personal ministry session?” is simply to provide a list of the various tools that we at House of Healing Ministries might possibly use during the course of a personal ministry appointment.
The church is a bit confused regarding the invisible spirit beings that we call angels and demons. We are certainly happy to have the angels around doing whatever angels do, but we are not so happy to have demons around because their work and influence is kinda scary. The system of the world is trying to make them a bit more [alatble in the mainstream with numerous TV shows and movies where demons or demon inspired people are the main characters. That has brought even more confusion to the church world. This book is an attempt to shine a bit more light on the Christian’s ability and responsibility where the interference or influence of demons is concerned. It attempts to answer the question of when to I engage a demon in my God-given authority versus when do I have to ask God to make the disconnection. The answer is very important to every believer because to foolishly jump in over your pay grade is to invite real damage, both to you and the one you are attempting to minister to. This is a question that I have had to answer for myself as a founder and practicing prayer minister of a healing room in North Carolina.
We have all been raised in the system of this world. We know it. We understand it and can get along well in it. It rewards us. But what happens when you try to read, absorb and adopt the principles, paradigms and world view of the Kingdom of God through a mind that is still firmly entrenched in the kingdom of this world? Everything becomes bastardized. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a business, so you can’t operate a Kingdom enterprise as though it were. It is not a democracy. So why do we have Deacon and Elder Boards running the local church, voting on everything as though it were a democratically operated organization? It is because we don’t really know what Kingdom principles really are and how to walk in them apart from our understanding of how successful things operate in this world. This is because our experience has been that the world you live in does not reward you for living life in accord with another Kingdom, even if it is superior. You desperately need a new viewpoint in order to start seeing things the way they are supposed to be, rather than the way you have been taught that they should be. As a believer you want your life to count significantly for the Kingdom of God. You want your life to have meaning and impact where it counts most – to cast a long shadow. None of us can do that without knowing what the rules of the game are. The ways of the Kingdom are not the ways of the world. There are a different set of motivators. A different set of rules and regulations. The protocols are decidedly different. Their is an amazingly different economy and totally different set of values. If you do not know the ways of the Kingdom of God, then you can’t possibly please the King of the Kingdom. This book will jump start your renewal.
Mandy Valdes and Jim Banks have herein provided you with some insight that will assist you with the start of a life long journey which will also help you stay on track throughout your life. It’s not a scientific formula, a magic bullet, or step by step method to success. Rather a guide, or a map to help you along on your journey from determining the path you wish to take, through your entire career as well. After years of walking with others, including taking this trip ourselves, we have sought to gather some tools and ideas that will help you find your way. Collectively we have been students of leadership and the call on individual’s lives for more than we would like to admit, but for the two of us it’s collectively been more than 50 years. We have extensive experience in engineering, product, systems and service sales, marketing, retailing, restaurant management, employee supervision and development, as well as business startups and development, and even ministry.

Audio and PDF Resources

Abilene, TX Inner Healing Roundtable – Bundle

Buy the bundle of Speakers from the Abilene, TX Inner Healing Roundtable including: Andy Reese – Sozo, Ed Khouri – Thriving: Restarting, Jim Banks – Trauma Prayer, Candyce Roberts – Ministering to the Extremely Traumatized

Sozo – Andy Reese

Andy Reese speaks at the 2011 Inner Healing Roundtable in Abilene, TX on Sozo Ministry Techniques

Candyce Roberts – Ministering to the Extremely Traumatized

Candyce Roberts speaks on “Ministering to the severely traumatized” at the 2011 Inner Healing Round Table in Abilene, TX. 

Ed Khouri – Thriving: Restarting

Ed Khouri speaks at the 2011 Inner Healing Roundtable in Abilene, TX on Thriving: Restarting.

Jim & Pat Banks – Redemptive Gifts

Jim & Pat Banks teach on the Redemptive Gifts.

Jim & Pat Banks – Help with Marital Communication

Communication in marriage is never easy, despite the fact that if there was ever anyone we should be able to talk intimately with, it should be our spouse. Jim & Pat Banks give you practical keys to help your marital communication.

Resources from Friends of Jim and Pat Banks

Unlocking the Heart of the Artist is a clarion call to a new generation of artists who want to fulfill their unique purpose in the Kingdom of God. At the core of Unlocking the Heart of the Artist is an invitation to begin a journey of healing and wholeness that will yield deeper Spirit-led creativity and personal fulfillment. In addition, through learning practical ways to engage the Holy Spirit in their creative process, the reader will learn how to collaborate with God not only in their chosen artistic medium but in life.

In Created to Thrive, you’ll learn how to start living life from a new blueprint based on God’s Word and His divine design for your life as an artist in His Kingdom. You’ll begin to see your life without limits as you learn to align with Him and cooperate with the Holy Spirit to create new patterns of living. Your mind will be renewed, your heart will be unlocked, and your imagination will be set free to resonate with the Kingdom that’s already living inside of you. You were made to be more than just a frustrated artist, struggling to make sense of your life and art. Get ready to become the artist you were created to be, get ready to thrive!

What if you could walk in the transforming power of God every day by connecting to the creative nature of God’s Kingdom which already lives inside of you? Well guess what? You can!

In this hour, God is raising up an army of Kingdom creatives to declare His Glory and see it cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Whether your calling is in business or the arts, education or government, family or finance, you’ve been specifically for this time and this cause to operate in the fullness of God’s creative nature within your circle of influence to release Kingdom transformation. It’s time to release the Glory. It’s time to live the life you’ve always dreamed possible. It’s time. It’s your time!

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