(This prayer is written from the perspective on one praying the prayer over a soldier, or former military man or woman who has been diagnosed with PTSD or is experiencing the symptoms thereof. It is most effective prayed over them in their presence, although it does have some effect in absentia – ie., a place of direct intercession on behalf of the one you care about.)

Father…. I take authority over anything left over or hanging around in their room, or on their property that wants to insert itself, distract, disturb, interfere, or otherwise mess with the administration of this prayer. I kick to the curb anything that will not bow its knee to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ; anything that you, Father God, have not placed there, I give you no place either here or there in Jesus name. 

Holy Spirit, I invite You to minister to _____________, even as I am praying and declaring in their behalf. I submit to You only; I give You the superiority in this place and in their personal space as I pray. I thank you so much for what you have done for all of us, for what you have provided for all of us , and for what you have taught us and what you have shown us. 

Father, in Jesus name, I take authority over this time, this space, this place, this dimension in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Father, I ask you to disconnect ________________ (name) from every 2nd heaven entity; principality, power, dominion, throne, ruler that gained access to __________ through the traumatic events they have suffered, including the purpose of inflicting further mental and physical torture and torment.  I specifically ask you to disconnect them from fear, chaos, death, disorder and destruction, including assignments of demonic entities and curses made by ungodly, priest, shamans, witches, and other local authorities, etc,. from the lands their feet have trod.

I also ask you to cancel, break, shatter, cutoff and destroy every contract and agreement that trauma has made with other entities, great and small, to make its attack more effective.  I ask you to cancel the assignment of any demonic entities against __________ as a result of these higher order agreements and contracts.

In the name of Jesus, I remove any of the enemy’s marks, markers, devices or signposts that have been install on, or around ____________ as a result of what he/her experienced while in the military.  I forgive any conscious or unconscious desire or request to be made invisible to their enemies in combat that have resulted in them becoming invisible to those who can aid of help them in any way in their post military life.

 Father, while I’m at it, would you disconnect them from the affects or assignments of generationally transferred trauma. 

Father, if there is any portion of them that has been removed, is stuck, imprisoned, or held captive in any other time, space, place or dimension as a result of the trauma experienced,  I ask that you to immediately send your angels to rescue them, release them and cause those portions of them to be recovered from wherever it has been, and I ask that you restore it to them and cleanse it of any defilement of any place it has been. Cancel the assignment of any familiar sprit that has been assigned to it, to hold it there.  

If there is any portion of themselves that they have dismissed because they believed it was not an acceptable part of them, was not worthy,  caused them to be vulnerable, caused them to be more of a target of their enemies, or felt like it allowed them to be taken advantage of, Father, in Jesus name, I  pronounce them forgiven for dismissing, shutting down and rejecting that portion or part of themselves that they did not agree was good and worthy of accepting and I ask you Father to restore it to them, reunify it to them so that it becomes a part of them in this time and this space and this dimension with peace and wholeness and acceptance. 

I take authority over ________________’s physical body for a few minutes, in Jesus name, and I command his/her body to release all the long and short term effects of trauma, everything that it has held onto all the way down to the cellular level; from all the accidents, injuries, medical procedures, surgeries, invasive medical procedures, broken bones, cuts, hearing and deafness issues, vision and eye impairments.  I also command their bodies to release all the effects of trauma with respect to rejection, abandonment, death, deep depression, divorce, loss of dreams, hopes, and aspirations….every time that they were robbed and stolen from, yelled or screamed at, pushed, shoved, beaten, held captive, shot, stabbed, subjected to explosive blasts, tortured and tormented, the emotional, spiritual and physical effects of childhood accidents and injuries, operations, invasive medical procedures, childhood  fears, loss of a key loved one by death, witnessing the death, destruction, wounding or dismemberment of a fellow soldier, divorce or abandonment, rape, abuse (physical, mental, emotional or sexual), frequent moves, car accidents, major illnesses, broken bones, attempted suicide, deep depressions, near death experiences, catastrophic events that occurred as part of war and military action, hurricanes and earthquakes, civilian casualties related to war and combat experiences, the effects of difficult childbirths, miscarriages or abortions.

I command your bodies to release the residual effects of excess medication, incorrect or inadequate medications resulting from misdiagnosis, long-term illnesses, and the results of unnatural compensation by other organs, muscles, tendons and ligaments as a result of injuries. I command out of you bodies the results of shock, terror, torment and torture, whether it was personally experienced or witnessed.

And I declare that it will come out without harm or injury where ever it has been stored.  I just command you to release it all…..don’t hang on to any of it….. all of the pent up stress, tension, anxiety, worry…the results of fear … the fear of what tomorrow holds, fear of a filing economy, retirement, current and future health problems, fear for your parents and children.

I command your body to release all of the effects of fear of the past, or fear of the future; How is all this going to work out?  What is going to happen next?  Release all the issues regarding personal health, business, children, and spouses.  I command all of that out of your body. You can’t hang on to any of it, in Jesus Name; out of every bone, out of every piece of connective tissue, out of spines, muscle, nerves, hair, teeth, brain tissue;  out in Jesus Name. 

In the mighty name of Jesus I remove any defilement for your body from the land you walked, worked and warred on.

I command your body to release effect of aching loneliness, a feeling that you were all alone, helplessness, hopeless, defenseless and trapped; just be released in Jesus Name right now. Just let it go…….wherever you have hidden it, or allowed it to be stored up in your body; just let it go.  Let it be released.   

In this season of uncertainty, I command your body to release all of the effects of accumulated stress, fear, worry, anxiety and the tension connected to not being in control of how it is going to work out, unmet expectations, disappointments….  just release, release, release.  Just let it all go; all the effects of un-forgiveness, bitterness, of being cut off and abandoned, just let it go.

____________ (name), I command in the name of Jesus that your body release all of the effects of shame, disappointment, disillusionment, the failures; the times when people have not lived up to their  word; every time you have been intentionally been misled, lied to, or lied about, dishonored; just let it all go.  Release all the related physical effects, whether it was mental, physical, emotional, spiritual…., just release it all now in Jesus Name, just release all now, every bit of it;  just let it go. 

I command out of your ears, nostrils and taste buds everything connected with war, killing, discharging a weapon, explosions, IED detonations, the smell of dust, blood, smoke from an source connected with weapons large and small, destructive and defiling touch; any place in your body that felt it, or was impacted by it; let it go.  I command it to be released right now in the Name of Jesus. 

I take authority, in Jesus Name, over all witchcraft prayers that have been prayed against you personally, against you as part of the military, against you as an American, against the body of Christ, against your relationships, against your place in the body and even those who have been jealous of how you looked, how you acted, the favor you had, or rejoiced in your wounds. I just cut all that off in Jesus Name and I release you from every bit of it. Father, we call every one of those prayers, curses and declarations null and void in the name of Jesus, and cast them to the ground to be of no effect, as dust under your feet. 

Father, I release _____________ from all tension, anxiety and anything else imparted to him/her by circumstances and break off all of that …..Father, I release from him/her, all of the heaviness of false responsibility; stuff that people have told them that needs to be done and that they need to do. I release _____________  from the pain of unfulfilled personal expectations. I release you from all that and from your expectations of what it ought to look like, how you ought to do it and how it ought to get done. 

Father, where there have been blockages to development in any area, physically and particularly relationally, I ask you to remove those dams, allow them to grow.  Father I place my hand on ___________’s head and I pray for his/her brain and Father any place that has become chemically imbalanced because of the trauma that they have suffered, I ask you to restore whatever connections are necessary, whatever enzymes are necessary to bring full functionality, any pathways (electrical or magnetic) that need to be reestablished between hemispheres of the brain or areas of the brain so that the fullness of  who you were created to be can be directed toward the restoration and settling of the issues of life.  If there is any damage or deficiency of any gland of the brain, or any imbalance between the function of the various gland, I ask you to restore them to full function and restore proper balance between and among them.  Father would you restore the connectivity between areas of the brain; specifically for those areas like the hypothalamus, the adrenal system, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, amygdale, etc.   

I ask you in Jesus name, to give ____________ a new “normal,” and while you are at it Lord, I ask you to move all the memories of traumatic and tormenting events to the back of the bus, make them difficult to get to; and all those memories that speak to them of being loved and appreciated, connected, understood, belonging, embraced, I ask that they be moved to a place so that they are the first ones that they get to.  Father, I ask you in Jesus Name that you would restore whatever memories are necessary for healing and the completion of what you have started.  Lord also I ask that you remove, dismantle or disconnect any trigger mechanisms that the enemy has been able to establish to the violent and tormenting memories.

I want to speak to your spirit and to your soul for a moment;  I declare to you that the times of great danger are over.  You do not have to remain on guard 24/7 anymore.  The other shoe is not going go to drop. You are safe now. You are no longer on the battle ground.  No one is trying to kill or maim you anymore. The days of scanning every person, doorway, rooftop, vehicle and roadside pile of trash are over. You can make the choice to let down your guard.  You are safe now, The season of danger is past. You have friends and loved ones around you still. You can enter into the rest of the Lord.  He has become your rear guard. He’s got your back. He is with you 24/7.  So I invite you to stand down… to enter that place of rest that was designed for you.   

Father, I ask you in Jesus Name to reestablish for this soldier, the appropriate sleep pattern that you designed for him/her, so that when he/she puts his/her head on the pillow at night they can do so with full faith and confidence that when they awake in the morning they will be thoroughly refreshed and rejuvenated, with all the energy they need for whatever they need for the day. Father, while you are at it, I ask you in Jesus name to download into their spirit everything they will need for that coming day, because you know who they will run into and the circumstances that they will be facing. 

Now Father, I ask that you will pour your spirit into every place where the results and effects of trauma have departed, and that Your Holy Spirit of Comfort, Life, Light, and Truth will fill every cell, every bone, every tissue, every organ, every place where memories were stored will be filled with your life and light. 

I ask you Holy Spirit to restore to life the broken, dead and dormant places, the places that have been wounded and given up on, that have been set aside, ignored, rejected, shut down and abandoned.  I call for a restoration and a redemptive work within him/her at the deepest levels. And Father would you give them a tangible sense that they are not alone, a concrete knowing that you are with them all the way through this.

Father, I bless _____________; I bless their identity, I bless their significance, I bless their future, I bless their destiny, I bless their dreams…… I bless them.  I bless their coming in with joy and their going out with peace, in the Name of Jesus, and I thank you for sealing by your Holy Spirit the work that you have done in _______________ today. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I bless you!

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