I have some update information for you regarding the announced Trauma Prayer e-Course. This has been one of the most technically frustrating experiences we have ever had. We have four laptops, a desktop and an I-pad. None of which will function as a recording device. The audio cards in every laptop either totally died (three of them) or refuses to record the audio that was even remotely acceptable. The I-pad will only record files to a maximum length of 18 minutes.

​The local college has a recording studio with equipment that would have allowed us to record everything, but it got restricted to college employees only this semester. So I have resorting to using my phone exclusively. That comes with its own set of problems, but they are less severe that everything noted above.

​No doubt we have had some level of demonic interference going on that could use some prayer coverage. If the Lord should bring us before you would you consider holding this effort up before the Lord?

​Secondly, we have made a decision to relocate. The brook has dried up and the ravens have forgotten our address of late. That is always a signal for us to ask the Lord, “What’s up?  Do we have a heart issue that needs some attention?  Have we made a decision that you aren’t pleased with?  Or are you telling us to move somewhere else? (1st Kings 19)”   The bottom line of our personal inquiry is that as soon as we sell the house we will move to the Nashville, Tennessee area.

What this means for our personal ministry is anyone’s guess.  We assume that we will be ministering in generally the manner, with a local office somewhere in the Nashville area, and offering several e-courses at the same time. We are not at all sure if there will be as much international travel as there has been in the last three years, but at this point we are open to anything.

​If the Lord should give you some insight about this next season for us, please let us know.